Ellie Jerow

Reader, Writer, gardener

10 days: A novel

I'm seeking representation for Ten Days, a contemporary time travel novel.

I've always enjoyed small-scale, contemporary time travel, as found in films "Primer" and "Timecrimes". These movies feel like puzzles, challenging the viewer's sense of time and understanding of causation. I aim to recreated that feeling in this novel, with a short timeline and a small cast of characters. This is my first manuscript and clocks in at 73,600 words.

In Part I, we meet Laurel, a mom with two children, Logan and Rosie, 6 and 4. Laurel's new boyfriend Connor is great with her kids. When Laurel's brother needs her help, Connor offers to watch them for the evening until she can join them. But when she arrives, the kids are gone, and Connor blames her. With every day that Rosie and Logan are missing, the chance of getting them back diminishes. She is desperate for a solution.

In Part II, Laurel discovers a home-made time machine in a neighbor's basement. This time machine lets her go back several days into the past so she may learn what happened and find a way to save her kids. But it's not as easy as it sounds. If she is discovered, she jeopardizes her family's happy future; and she only gets one chance to travel backwards.

Interested in representing me? Reach out!